Menstrual Discs: Softdisc® vs. FLEX™

What is a menstrual disc?

A menstrual disc is a flat, flexible disc that collects, rather than absorbs, menstrual fluid at the base of the cervix. Unlike menstrual cups and tampons, a menstrual disc does not plug the vaginal canal. This prevents many of the symptoms that may cause discomfort during a woman's period including irritation, dryness, cramping, and bloating. A menstrual disc is also the only internally-worn period product with no link to TSS. To learn more about the many benefits of a menstrual disc, click here.

What options are available for a menstrual disc?

There are currently two menstrual discs on the market, Softcup® and FLEX™. Softcup® was first introduced to the market as Instead® and manufactured by EvoFem BioSciences™. In 2016, when the founders of The Flex Company learned that Softcup® would be discontinued due to price pressure from retailers, they decided to acquire the brand to ensure that more women all over the world could have access to menstrual discs. While the name and ownership of the company has changed, the product has remained the same. Click here to read a letter from The Flex Company CEO & Founder that addresses questions about the acquisition, pricing, and distribution of Softcup.

While Softcup is no longer available in the UK due to high demand for FLEX™, FLEX™ is sold direct-to-consumer as a monthly subscription.

What is the difference between Softcup® and FLEX™?

Just as different brands of tampons have different features and fits, so do menstrual discs! While Softcup® and FLEX™ share many of the same great benefits, the key difference between the two products has to do with fit and the materials used to make the product. FLEX™ uses ComfortSeal™ technology to create a custom, leak-resistant seal at the base of the cervix. When the FLEX™ disc is inserted, the material of the rim warms and forms to the user’s unique shape, ensuring a perfect fit in 95% of women. A perfect fit means reduced leaks and increased comfort.

Every woman has different preferences when it comes to their body and we empower women to choose whatever option works best for them.

Softcup® vs. FLEX™ Benefits

Softdisc® Flex™
Can be worn for 12 hours Check Check
Does not cause dryness and Irritation Check Check
Relieves cramping + bloating Check Check
ComfortSeal™ technology Check
Works for heavy periods Check Check
Hypoallergenic, latex-free, BPA-free, Phthalate free Check Check
Can be worn during sex Check Check
Can be worn during swimming and exercise Check Check
Eliminates Menstrual Odor Check Check
Does not disrupt vaginal pH Check Check
Customizable Quantities Check
Automatic Delivery Check
Available in Stores Check
No link to TSS Check Check
Disposable Check Check