Say goodbye to tampons

Designed by women, FLEX is a new period product that completely replaces tampons

£40 for your first 3 cycles.

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FLEX isn't a cup; it's a flexible disc that molds to the shape of your body. The most comfortable period product on the market, it sits at the base of the cervix leaving your vaginal canal free + clear.

7 of 10 users forget they're on their period while using FLEX.
“…mess free period sex.”
12 Hour Wear

Holds 5 tampons worth of fluid. Enjoy your days and nights without interruption. No more worrying about tampon changes during meetings, hikes, yoga, or sleep.

Relieves cramping

Relieves cramping for 7 of 10 people. Because FLEX sits in the fornix rather than the vaginal canal, it limits the distention in the vagina relieving cramping.

Body-Safe Materials

FLEX is made of a medical-grade polymer used in surgical tools that go inside the body. It is FDA cleared, hypoallergenic, BPA & phthalate free and made without natural rubber latex or silicone.

Period Sex? Yes.

Enjoy mess-free + worry-free sex while on your period. Spend more time getting busy and less time cleaning your Egyptian cotton sheets.

Less Odor

Oxygen + Cotton + Menses = That Smell. Composed of non-toxic and fragrance-free materials, FLEX eliminates period odor so you can feel confident all day long.

Less leaks

FLEX creates a comfortable, leak-resistant seal at the base of your cervix. Ruined underwear is a thing of the past.

Our customers love us.

Join thousands who've switched to FLEX.
Lauren said,

"I typically don’t do hikes longer than 12 hours. Before FLEX I was constantly worrying about my period while hiking. FLEX was basically life changing because I didn’t have to worry about changing it."

Megsquats said,

"I found this to be 10x more comfortable than a cup while I was lifting. The flexibility of FLEX makes it so that it’s way more comfortable. I completely switched, I’ll never buy a tampon again. I 100% recommend for any deadlifts..."

Kristin said,

"When you have a light flow, a tampon is really uncomfortable. I thought FLEX was great because it just slides in and out and there’s none of that horrible cotton pull.”

Using is easy.

Unlike tampons and menstrual cups, FLEX sits at the base of the cervix for a comfortable fit you can’t even feel it.

It’s £40 for your first 3 months. Try FLEX Free Shipping.
Inserting FLEX

Slide FLEX into your vaginal canal. Push back and down toward your cervix as far as it will comfortably go (typically the length of your index finger).

Use your finger to tuck the front edge up behind your pubic bone, so it rests diagonally.

Removing FLEX

Hook your finger under the front edge. Pull straight out, keeping your FLEX parallel to the floor.

Place your used FLEX back in its wrapper. Discard in the trash.

Have the most comfortable period of your life delivered to your doorstep. Forget about being caught empty handed and running to the store. FLEX ships you the product you need, exactly when you need it.
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Have the most comfortable period of your life. It’s £40 for your first 3 months. Try FLEX Shipping is Free.