Flex in the Press

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New tampon alternative designed to be worn during sex.
This changes everything we know about period sex.
No more awkward pauses when things are getting hot and heavy.
The menstrual disc could change how women approach sex during their periods.
Discs have several benefits over tampons and pads, including the need to change them less often.
If you don’t want to abstain from sex during your period but also aren’t into ruining your sheets, you’ll want to know about Flex.
This new invention could remove the stigma attached to period sex.
Flex's noble mission is to make it possible for women everywhere to have sex every day of the month.
A useful tool for those times when you'd just rather not deal with the mess.
A revolutionary disposable device that allows couples to have 'uninterrupted period sex.'
This product can help you enjoy the glories of sex on your period without any cleanup.
FLEX lets you take care of period business while getting down to business.
FLEX falls into step with the growing 'hipster resurgence' of alternative feminine hygiene products.
The stand-out company from the Y Combinator startup accelerator’s Fellowship Virtual Demo Day.
Addresses one of the few period problems a man might have intimate knowledge of...
This company wants to make it easier for you to have sex on your period.
The Flex team is focusing on helping menstruating people live more freely.
Clever new invention making period sex more pleasant.