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Using Flex
How does FLEX work? FLEX is a disposable, single use menstrual product that can be worn safely for up to 12 hours.

Once inside the body, FLEX has an outer edge made of a proprietary blend of medical-grade polymer. This material uses your body heat to warm up to form your natural shape, creating a leak-free seal. The soft center catch collects rather than absorbs your menstrual fluid. The circumference of the edge is made to fit inside the vaginal fornix, covering the cervix, and preventing menstrual fluid from entering the vaginal canal.

Because FLEX does not sit inside of the vaginal canal (like a menstrual cup or tampon), it’s free of obstruction, which makes FLEX extremely comfortable. This feature also comes in handy if you’d like to try mess-free sex. Cool, right?
How do I insert FLEX? Our how-to page does the best job of visualizing how to use FLEX.

If you’ve ever inserted a ring-shaped, insertable birth control or a diaphragm, it is quite similar and just as easy. (But it’s equally important to note that FLEX is not a contraceptive and does not protect against sexually transmitted infections).

If you still have questions, we’re here for you! We’re always available on live chat or at Think of us as your girlfriend on the other side of the bathroom door - we’ll walk you through it just like the first time you learned to use a tampon or pad.
How long can I wear FLEX? You can wear FLEX for up to 12 hours.

If your flow is especially heavy, you may find that on heavy flow days your changes will be more frequent.

Try FLEX for the first time on a lighter flow day to get used to the fit and amount of menstrual fluid it can hold.
And I can have sex while wearing it? Absolutely. The way that FLEX sits in the vaginal canal allows for intercourse without removal. With a tampon or menstrual cup, you must remove it before having sex. Also with FLEX, there is no mess during sex because the fluids are captured by FLEX in the catch.
Can I use FLEX for my entire cycle (not just during sex)? Yes, and many of our customers already use FLEX for their full cycle. FLEX is an alternative to tampons, pads and cups. It can be worn safely up to 12 hours, including overnight.
Why are there only 8 FLEX per cycle in a FLEX Plan? We have found that on average, most of our customers use 8 FLEX per cycle.
Can FLEX be used with an IUD? Yes, FLEX is safe to use with an IUD.

But if you use an IUD, you should be informed about your particular IUDs benefits and risks and consult with your physician.
I have a very heavy period. How do I know FLEX will work for me? When placed properly, your FLEX should not leak or overflow. It can hold up to 6 teaspoons of fluid (or the equivalent of five tampons). The average woman menstruates about 3 teaspoons in 24 hours. FLEX must be changed every 12 hours, so the average woman will have only 1.5 teaspoons of fluid inside.

That said, every woman is different. If you’re concerned about it getting too full, we recommend first trying at home at night, on your second or third day, so you can get a sense of how much is in it after 12 hours and adjust how frequently you change it based on your own flow.
Can you pee and poop while wearing FLEX? Pee, poop, do whatever you gotta do - FLEX will stay out of the way.

FLEX may move a bit when you do these things, so don’t be alarmed if you see a bit of red in the toilet. Use a clean finger to double-check that the upper edge of FLEX is in placed behind your pubic bone, just as you inserted it initially.
Removal and disposal
How do I remove FLEX? When you’re ready to remove FLEX, sit on the toilet and use your finger to feel for outer edge of FLEX. Your finger will be on the clean side of the catch.

Push down on your pelvic muscles like you’re taking a poop (yep, we said that) and hook your finger beneath the edge to pull it straight out from the body, keeping it horizontal to the floor. Use the wrapper it comes in to dispose of your FLEX in the trash.

If visual direction is more your style, check out our how-to page.
Can I flush FLEX? FLEX is disposable, but not flushable. FLEX is not meant to be flushed and can cause damage to plumbing. Don’t you do that!
Can I reuse FLEX? FLEX is not reusable and should be changed every 12 hours.
Sizing, comfort & safety
Does FLEX come in different sizes? No, but FLEX is designed to fit most women.

FLEX is the smallest, most comfortable menstrual disc on the market and was designed to fit the vast majority of women, including mothers.

Every woman has a unique internal shape and size. A small percentage of women may find that FLEX does not fit. We’re really bummed if that is the case for you, but know we’re working on bringing additional sizes to market. If that’s your experience, let us know by emailing

And you can always ask your doctor if you’re not sure if FLEX is right for you.
Does it leak? Not if inserted properly.

FLEX works by catching your blood as it comes out of your cervix. Menstrual fluid is collected (similar to a cup) rather than absorbed (like a tampon) making the likelihood of a leak, well, less likely.

You may notice leaking when going to the bathroom, and know that this is normal. When you use the restroom, your muscles tend to “bear down” and can push FLEX out of place. If this happens, fret not.

You can use a clean finger to check that the top of the edge is resting behind your pubic bone and you’re good to go.
How do I know if FLEX is inserted properly? You should not be able to feel FLEX at all.

If you can feel it, try pushing FLEX farther back before tucking the front edge behind your pubic bone.
Is it possible for FLEX to get lost inside of me? No, FLEX can’t get lost inside of you.

The cervical opening is far too narrow to allow an object to pass through.

If you have trouble removing FLEX, don’t panic. Try sitting on the toilet and bearing down with the pelvic muscles which will push FLEX towards the vaginal canal. Once in the vaginal canal, you will be able to easily hook your finger around the edge and comfortably pull it out.

For more information on how to remove FLEX visit our instructional guide here. If you’ve reviewed the guide and still have questions, hit us up on live chat or email
Can FLEX cause cramping or discomfort? No, FLEX should not cause cramping or discomfort when placed properly. In fact, you shouldn’t be able to feel it at all.

Unlike a stiff tampon, FLEX is flexible and moves with the contractions of your body, helping to ease or eliminate the pain of cramping.

If you experience discomfort while wearing FLEX, review the instructions here and ensure you have placed FLEX properly.
Product details
What is it made out of? FLEX is made of a medical-grade polymer blend. Medical grade polymers are used in all types of products that are approved for use inside the human body, including surgical tools.

The materials used in FLEX have been tested for safety inside of the human body. It is hypoallergenic and made without natural rubber latex or silicone.
Does FLEX have an expiration date? FLEX does not have a known expiration date.
Product Shipping
What countries do you ship to? We are currently shipping to the United States (including major outlying islands and territories) and the United Kingdom and are working hard to ship to more countries soon.
Is FLEX available in stores? FLEX is available to purchase exclusively on our website.
Can I reroute my shipment if it's going to the wrong address? We cannot reroute orders after they have been shipped. If you have moved addresses and set up mail forwarding your package should reach you. If you have not set up mail forwarding, the package will be returned to our system. Once your package is received, we will reach out to you to confirm where to ship the order.
Can I cancel or edit my order? We try to fulfill and send your order as quickly as possible, which may limit our ability to add items or to prevent your item from shipping. If you’re on a FLEX plan, you can change the timing of your shipments or cancel at any time by logging in to your FLEX account here. (Still need help? Contact us at +1 800.931.0882)
What is your return policy? Because of the nature of the product we do not accept returns or issue refunds.
Flex trial
How does the trial work? You can subscribe to a FLEX trial and get an 24 pack of FLEX (lasts about 3 cycles) for $15 + free shipping.

84 days after your FLEX trial, you will begin a FLEX membership where you will receive a replenishment 24 pack of FLEX once every 3 months. Each ongoing shipment lasts about 3 cycles, and costs $45 plus tax (about $15/cycle) for each shipment.

You can cancel any time after a seven day period following your first purchase to allow time for delivery or modify your plan at any time by logging in to your FLEX account here.
How can I modify my FLEX Plan? You’re in complete control of your plan, and can change or cancel at any time by logging in to your FLEX account here. We can help you make changes to your Plan, including adding or removing product, or changing the cadence of your shipments.
Do I need to sign up for the trial? Not if you don’t want to.

We created the FLEX Trial to give people an opportunity to try our menstrual disc. We’ve made the Flex Membership super convenient and customizable since you can skip, cancel after a seven day period following your first purchase to allow time for delivery, or change your shipment frequency at any time.

If subscriptions just aren’t your thing, you can order a one-time 8 count FLEX package or a one-time 24 count FLEX package.
What comes in my trial? When you sign up for one of our FLEX Memberships, through our Trial, you’ll receive a 24 pack of FLEX which lasts for about three cycles as well as our informational booklet. You’ll save $30 on your first order and pay $15/month, charged quarterly, for ongoing shipments.
Other topics
I’m a first time user, HELP! We’d be lying if we said we weren’t nervous our first time as well. The good news: we can confidently say that FLEX is the best menstrual product on the market and our customers will back us up on that. Still unsure? Check out our pro tips below.

If you haven’t read them, start with these simple instructions. If you plan on wearing FLEX in place of a tampon, pad or cup, (and we highly recommend you do) try it for the first time on a lighter flow day or at night. This will allow you to get accustomed to the fit and length of time that is comfortable for you to wear it. Unlike a tampon which you insert straight up, you want to push FLEX straight back and slightly down.

If you’re having trouble removing FLEX, try bearing down with your pelvic muscles to push it into the vaginal canal. Then use your finger to grab FLEX and pull straight out.

It takes time to learn how to ride a bike, make the perfect grilled cheese and use a tampon. FLEX is no different. The more you use it, the easier it will be to insert and remove.

For a mess-free removal, sit on the toilet, distributing weight evenly on both legs, and slowly pull FLEX straight out. It may take a couple times to practice removing FLEX before really nailing it. Patience, grasshopper.
How is FLEX different from a menstrual cup? We love this question. FLEX is similar to a menstrual cup in that it is worn inside the body to collect menses rather than absorb them (like a tampon). However, FLEX is a menstrual disc™ as it differs in design, fit and features.

FLEX is a single use device and was created to be discarded after each use as a more convenient alternative. Menstrual cups are meant to be rinsed and reused for every cycle.

Menstrual discs are soft and fully collapsable with a thin membrane center and flexible outer rim; menstrual cups are firm and bell-shaped with a stem.

Menstrual discs are worn in the vaginal fornix, at the base of the cervix; menstrual cups are worn in the vaginal canal.

Menstrual discs can be worn during sexual intercourse; menstrual cups must be removed before vaginal sexual intercourse.

Menstrual discs have one method of insertion and removal; menstrual cups may be folded and inserted in a variety of ways.

Menstrual discs generally have a similar size and shape; menstrual cups come in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Menstrual discs have not been linked to TSS; though rare, menstrual cups have been linked to TSS.

FLEX is made of medical grade polymers that get softer inside of your body; menstrual cups maintain their hardness inside of your body.

FLEX is hypoallergenic, made without silicone or natural rubber latex; most menstrual cups are made of either natural rubber latex or silicone.
How is FLEX different from Softdisc®? The Flex Company makes both Softdisc & FLEX, which are both menstrual discs. The key difference is in the materials and service FLEX provides customers. FLEX is made with newer technology & materials. FLEX uses your body heat to warm up to form your natural shape, creating a leak-free seal.

FLEX customers have premium access to subscriptions with free shipping, phone, chat and text support.

We’ve also designed our packaging to make for more convenient carrying and disposal.
Is FLEX a contraceptive? No.

FLEX is not a contraceptive, does not protect you against sexually transmitted infections and should not be used in place of birth control. FLEX is safe to wear with condoms and could be worn in conjunction with your preferred method(s) of contraception.
How do I cancel my subscription? You can change or cancel your subscription fifteen days after placing your order to allow for shipping by logging in to your FLEX account here. (Still need help? Contact us at +1 800.931.0882).